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Underverse (originally called Underverse!Sans) is the animated series created by Jakei95 related to the X-Tale universe. Trouble begins to stomp when half of Sans 's soul is stolen by a thief, which Ink!Sans describes as his first time doing something like this. Once Sans begins suffering side-effects of only half a soul, he, Ink, and a whole. For the prequel, see X-Tale. Underverse is a fan made animation series made by Jael Penaloza on Youtube. Underverse is an AU that supposedly takes place after X-Tale, Sans, now Cross, ends up going to each pacifist timeline within an AU and tries to take it himself, with help from Cross!Chara (X-Event!Chara) and Nightmare!Sans. The Truce takes place before X-Tale, in which Error!Sans and Ink. 하지만 앞으로 UNDERVERSE에 나올지 아님 그저 카메오로 출연했는진 알 수 없다. 가석방되면 나올 namu.wiki Contáctenos Términos de uso Operado por umanle S.R.L. Hecho con <3 en Asunción, República del Paraguay. Su zona horaria es GMT Impulsado por the seed engine

테마 Bruh [1] 소속 AU는 에픽테일. 시즌 2 오프닝 영상에서는 언급이 없다가 갑자기 테마곡과 함께 참전 확정. [2] 만화나 테마곡에서 알수 있듯이 밈과 관련된 짓을 많이 한다. 외전 만화에서 크로스와는 밈 듀오로 주로 친하다. [3] 무기로 닭인형을 들고 다닌다. . 설정상으로 나이는 40세 이며 밈을. 작성이 필요한 문서 고립된 문서 분류가 되지 않은 문서 편집된 지 오래된 문서 내용이 짧은 문서 내용이 긴 문서 차단 내역. Utherverse is a game that utilizes the Virtual World Web to interconnect 3D communities and deliver a user experience that is vastly enriching and satisfying. Utherverse delivers entirely new kinds of online social interactions, as well as vastly improved methods for business to engage and for users to experience entertainment, commerce, news and events. The Utherverse virtual world went live.

Underverse Season 2 is the second season of Underverse, created by Jakei95.It takes place immediately after Underverse Season 1. Sans is finally back home, but it couldn't have been at a worse time. With the rest of the multiverse destroyed, XGaster plans an invasion on the main universe with the rest of the XTale cast in search of a perfect world The Season 1 opening of Underverse aired with the revamped version of Underverse 0.0 on February 8, 2018, and was released separately on Underverse's official anniversary on March 23, 2018. The animation features Cross laying his Hack Knife before images of XGaster, X-Event!Chara and.. The Underverse is a constellation of dark, new stars. The Necromonger Empire consider it their promised land;that only the Lord Marshals of the Necromongers are known to have journeyed to. In this verse... Life is antagonistic to the natural state. Here humans, in all their various races, are a spontaneous outbreak. An unguided mistake. Our purpose is to correct that mistake, because there is.

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Stupid Short #1; Stupid Short #2; Come Back; Andarvarsa - Trailer; truce; Underverse - VI - VII; XTale Frisk and Chara's Sho underverse 이 저작물은 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 KR 에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다. (라이선스가 별도로 명시된 경우 제외) 기여하신 문서의 저작권은 각 기여자에게 있으며, 각 기여자는 기여하신 부분의 저작권을 갖습니다 Ignore these two, they're just weird clones that will die soon.Ink!Sans explaining to Underswap!Sans about his other selves Ink!Sans is the main protagonist of The Truce and Underverse, and the protector of all AUs alike. He originally made a truce with Error!Sans to never create another AU.. Home to information pertaining to XTale and the Underverse animated series by Jael Peñaloza, with 106 articles and 345 files! Undertale • DeltaruneUndertale AU Central • Undertale OC Central • Ideas CentralAkintale • Alphatale • Altertale • Axetale • Crazy Fanfics • Glitchtale • Hellverse • Horrortale • Inverted Fate • Reapertale • Storyshift • TS!Underswap.

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XTale!Chara (also known as Cross!Chara when he's with Cross in his phantom form, and X-Event!Chara, or more simply XChara) is a major character in the XTale universe and Underverse.XTale!Chara was originally a child of XGaster, and after Ink!Sans shows him the multiverse, XGaster begins his experiment with X-Tale. With each new timeline, someone related to XTale!Chara would die thanks to XGaster XGaster. X-Gaster is Gaster but he is from the Xtale series and many timelines that belong to one AU. XTale. And this gaster looks very formal because in XTale he is a dad to X-Chara and X-Frisk. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted

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  1. Hello, welcome to the Godverse. this wiki for the AU or Outcodes that are in the Undertale AU fandoms eye's too OP this wiki is archiving these creations, OCs, universes, posts, locations and etc. we let you to improve them in here or Or you can create characters from scratch. Please read the wiki rules before contributing. Still writing a story and preparing comic for Godverse. Usually we.
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  3. 이 저작물은 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 KR 에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다. (라이선스가 별도로 명시된 경우 제외) 기여하신 문서의 저작권은 각 기여자에게 있으며, 각 기여자는 기여하신 부분의 저작권을 갖습니다. 개인정보 처리방침 Parser theMark v1.4.1Powered by 더위키 official v5.1.
  4. Underverse — это мультсериал, созданный Jakei95, связанный со вселенной X!Tale и прочими альтернативными вселенными. Перемирие X!Tale 0-X (истории персонажей) Эпизоды 0.0-0.2 XTra Scene 1 Эпизод 0.3 (обе части) XTra Scene 2 Эпизод 0.4 Санс.
  5. 상위 문서: UNDERVERSE; 와, 여긴 어쩐 일이람. 야 털복숭이 새끼, 멋진 칼이네 - 0.2에서 크로스와 첫 만남때. 너무 쉽잖아. - 0.3 Part 1에서 크로스가 방심했을때 공격에 성공했을
  6. Welcome to the HUMAN!Underverse Wiki! This is basically about just sharing things and making the characters into humans. We also might do a zoom meeting once in a while, just to liven up, but that's mostly it. We're a collaborative community website about HUMAN!Underverse that anyone, including you, can build and expand

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  1. underverse 이 저작물은 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 KR 에 따라 이용할 수 있습니다. (라이선스가 별도로 명시된 경우 제외) 기여하신 문서의 저작권은 각 기여자에게 있으며, 각 기여자는 기여하신 부분의 저작권을 갖습니다
  2. Underverse/X-event. The X-Event is an experiment started by XGaster, and is the reason for Underverse's main point of conflict. It is the event created by whoever has a half or whole of the Overwrite soul, one who wants to create something new in the X Tale universe or the multiverse. It was originally a being with Frisk's body and Chara's soul
  3. underverse. 3.3.1. 시즌 1. 0.0. 샌즈를 죽이려는 크로스를 막고 샌즈 앞에 처음으로 등장한다. 크로스(차라)를 설득하지만 차라가 무시하고 싸움을 걸어오자 놀아주는 듯 차라의 공격을 피하고 차라를 물감으로 구속시킨다.이후 차라가 도망치자 당황.
  4. Attacks Information Cooldown Special Effects Giant Ink Blaster A giant Ink Blaster comes out and does Normal-High Damage 15 Seconds None Ink Blaster Summons multiple Gaster Blasters that autoaims, doing High Damage 5 Seconds None Bone Thro

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Undertale AU Wiki Welcome to the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale and Deltarune AUs.. There are currently 501 articles, 2,550 files, and 61 active users on the site! Just know that it is REQUIRED for you to read the Rules and Guidelines and the Policy of the Wiki BEFORE contributing to our Wiki. If you have a question about certain things here on the wiki, visit the Questions and Answers. Flowey winks at the protagonist just before sending some friendliness pellets their way. Initially, Flowey operates under a facade of friendliness and politeness. He often greets the protagonist with southern slang, such as Howdy!, calls himself your best friend, and, like his father, appends polite words such as gosh and golly to the ends of his sentences 로 칼 소환 마법과 필살기를 배우게 된다.이후 x가스터가 언다인과 차라를 만났을때 가스터가 뻔히 알피스를 죽였다는걸 알려주자 언다인은 큰 충격에 빠지고 결국 차라의 필살기와 함께 x가스터를 물리친다.x가스터는 언다인의 주먹으로 두개골도 부러졌으며, x가스터는 매우 차라의 의지를 갖고. There exists the Universe with its stars and planets, and then there exists a barren copy of it that occupies the same place at the same time: the Underverse. This is where souls (or minds) go once their bodies die. Ordinarily, the dead find it impossible to cross the barrier between planes and return to the plane of the living; even if they know how to do so, the Underverse lacks the arcane.

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For the song named after this character, see sans.. i'm sans.sans the skeleton. Sans introducing himself. Sans (/sænz/) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in Snowdin Forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide. Underverse MottoThe Tyrant is the slave turned inside out Capital City Newtown Official Language(s) English Established 04/09/2007 Government Type Monarchy Ruler Anubis PY Alliance Pyramid Nation Team Yellow Statistics as of 08/24/08 Total population 170,386 95,073 civilians 75,313 soldiers Literacy Rate 100%% Religion Hinduism Currency Pound Infrastructure 9,746.09 Technology 2,634.87 Nation. Inktale is an AU created by Tumblr user Comyet. Coming from a half-made universe, the Sans from this forgotten AU destroyed his own soul in order to escape. After falling through the multiverse, he arrived in a new, blank void. Now having no soul, he could no longer feel emotions. From this new void however, he discovered color, and each color granted him another emotion. The color didn't last. Oto polska wiki poświęcona Underverse! Znajdziesz tu (mam nadzieję) wszystkie rzeczy związane z tym filmem/animacją! Ta wiki powstała dla ludzi pragnących uzupełnić swoją wiedze związaną z Underverse! Dodaj obraz do galerii Administracja , Moderacja itd. Kontaktuj się z nami w razie jakiejkolwiek potrzeby. Biurokraci Grekk1239 - twórca wiki Administratorzy Grekk1239 - twórca.

Killer Sans is created and owned by Rahafwabas on Tumblr. 1 Backstory 2 Profile 2.1 Appearance 2.2 Alternate/Underverse appearance 2.3 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Relationships 4.1 Nightmare!Sans 4.2 Chara (depending) 4.3 Color Sans (friend) 4.4 Horror Sans (friend/ally) 4.5 Dust Sans (friend/ally) 4.6 Insanity!Sans (Ally) 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Killer!Sans' AU takes place in a Genocide route, where. UnderFell.B explores one of the most prevalent AUs of the Alphaverse and is heavily inspired by Aftertale and Underfell. UnderFell.B takes place along time after the monster war, things are incredibly different from the other aus that inspired this tale and you'll get to see alot of that on display in this AU. If your also interested in donating to making this Au the best i can be then please. The Underverse is constellation of dark new stars, the Necromongers consider it their promised land, that only the Lord Marshals of the Necromongers are known to have journeyed to. The Chronicles of Riddick Wiki Wiki Rules | Roleplay Rules These are the rules made specifically for the wiki's staff. If a staff member breaks any of these rules, please report it to the bureaucrat or a trusted admin, with evidence, so the situation may be taken care of. Admins are not to abuse their powers in any way. Their actions should only be to benefit the wiki and not themselves. Administrators are in no way above. I'm the puns guy, not you little brat. Sans to Cross!Chara 1 Summary 2 Appearance 3 Battle Stats 4 Other Sans is a major character in the web series Underverse and is the original Sans amongst the main alternate universes. He is portrayed as the same Sans from the original timeline, but with..

Omni404's jacket is white, lined with red. This jacket reaches down to It's knees, and the bottom of it is jagged in appearance. It's bones are black, and the inside of It seem to be red. It's pants are white, as are It's shoes. Omni404 is surrounded by glitches and triangular warning signs constantly Underverse is unlocked after the party pursues Underling after they figure out she has disguised herself as Leanbox's Oracle. Underverse contains two parts, Underverse and Underverse - Depths. 1 Treasure 1.1 Underverse 1.2 Underverse - Depths 2 Monsters 2.1 Underverse 2.1.1 Common Type 2.2 Underverse - Depths 2.2.1 Common Type 2.2.2 Scripted Type 3 Quest 3.1 Rank C 3.2 Rank D 3.3 Rank E 4. Underverse créer par Jakei le 4 mars 2016 sur Youtube avec la base de X!Tale et la suite de The Truce (allez voir mes wikis pour plus d'informations) créer le 22 mars 2016, qui a fêter récemment ces 3 ans (Images de Gilgummyart) Composé actuellement de la saison 1 avec 6 épisodes avec 2 extra, donc 8 épisodes

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OVERWRITE Soul (Not official name) originates from X-tale as a soul that allows you to use an ability known as OVERWRITE. In order to use the abilities this soul offers, in your inventory there is an item called OVERWRITE. Once equipped, an OVERWRITE button will appear in your hand. There will be abilities that can be used with a cool down and will even use Soul Power. Soul Power is the. Chara Dreemurr is the last human that fell in Underground before the protagonist, adopted after they fell from the surface by Asgore and Toriel. They live in Snowdin with their brother Asriel, and play a supporting role in the story. You encounter them in the beginning of Snowdin. They take the role of Sans in Storyshift. They have 1 ATK and 1 DEF, like Sans does. 1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2.

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Chara approaching the entrance to the Underground. Chara can be first seen during the introduction scene of Undertale, climbing Mt. Ebott, tripping over a root and falling into the Underground.During the fight against Asriel, a continuation of this scene can be seen, where Asriel helps Chara lift themself up after the fall after hearing their call for help and takes them to their father's castle The Chronicles of Riddick is a 2004 American science fiction action film written and directed by David Twohy.It follows the adventures of Richard B. Riddick as he attempts to elude capture after the events depicted in the 2000 film Pitch Black. Vin Diesel reprises his role as Riddick and acts as producer. It is the first and so far only film in the franchise to be given a PG-13 rating

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The tree spirit created Nightmare to protect the side for negative feelings. With his brother (Dream) they served as the tree's guardians. As a child, Nightmare cared about his brother and the tree that gave them life. But one day a village had formed near the tree. Dream befriended villagers whilst Nightmare is beaten and bullied by them for being the guardian of the negative side of the tree. XGaster, X-Tale and Underverse are made by Jakie95. XGaster is a major character and eventually the True Main Antagonist of X-Tale and Underverse. Failing to create a world for his children (soon to be experiments), he suddenly gets an idea to create a perfect world once he's shown the multiverse by Ink!Sans. He brings each idea from each AU into X-Tale, but his constant experimentation meant. underverse 3.3.1. 시즌 1 0.0 샌즈를 죽이려는 크로스를 막고 샌즈 앞에 처음으로 등장한다. 크로스(차라)를 설득하지만 차라가 무시하고 싸움을 걸어오자 놀아주는 듯 차라의 공격을 피하고 차라를 물감으로 구속시킨다 [13].이후 차라가 도망치자 당황해하고.

Underverse Error Sans is available in Multiverse 3 Drops: Bluescreen Hammer Xp: 500,000,500 Good for Grinding if you are a Low Level The Astral Mother is known by many names one of them being '' The Void Empress''. The Astral Mother talks more With the original Gaster, then Au Gasters. Her Favorite food is Top Ramen. Her birthday is on March 11th. She's not Religious, but is a close follower of a cult she admires. She is 5X stronger Then Error404

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ClassicSwap!Papyrus. Classic!Swap papyrus is an upgrade-ish of Underswap Papyrus. He is based off an Undertale fangame called UnderSwap CLASSIC! ~ Papyrus Battle on Gamejolt. He requires 750 wins to unlock phase 1 + 2 and requires 1555 wins to unlock phase 3. Credit to chippychips2011 for help, he helped me do phase 3 and stuff also credits for. UV!Underswap(Short for Underverse Underswap) Sans is from an AU called Underverse, made by Jael Penaloza. This version is how Underswap Sans looked while fighting X-Chara. UV!Underswap looks like Underswap, but angry with a bone in each hand. He needs 300 wins and 3000 EXP on Underswap Sans, who costs 75 R$ or is free with Roblox Premium. He has 1000 HP, 200 Stamina, the same passive as. Riddick 4: Furya is the upcoming fourth live-action movie installment in the Riddick universe. Vin Diesel has promised two more films that would feature Riddick's home planet Furya and the Underverse. For the next film, you have to go to the Underverse, you want to go to the Underverse and you'll have to go through the Underverse to get to Furya. So, those are the two stories that are mapped. Underverse. By Jail Penalization.Support undersevesdreres on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/jakeinimatio UNDERVERSE x MILK Presents: MOO MK5 ROTHCHILD SQUARE Limited Edition available for pre-order July 22nd at Underverse.com and the UV Taobao Store! Proceeds from all Underverse.com sales will go towards relief for the recent disaster in Henan, China. USD $105 + Shippin

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The X-Event was a experiment made by X-Gaster in the fan animation Underverse. Their moves are also entirely based off the Underverse. In their first phase, Cross's (XSans) and XChara's souls have fused. However, after stealing a soul of Determination from Underswap Chara, XChara's true power shine this speedrun will help u get more dusts fas 1 History 2 Profile 2.1 Personality 2.2 Appearance 3 Powers Sans was a good brother...for being sans. During the time underground, life went on as it would, in Sans's own words Going above ground, was the worst move ever . During the early years of the war, Sans and Papyrus were helping those displaced by the war, monster and sometimes a small human. But most times, they were not received well. Cross! Sans is an ordinary Sans in an AU that follows a different story from Undertale. His soul is mixed with X-Chara giving him powers that an ordinary Sans wouldn't have. Music: Cross Theme 1 Phase 1 1.1 Parry Animation 2 Phase 2 (2,300 Wins Required) 3 Death Cutscene 4 Legacy Moveset Before the battle begins, Cross! Sans says, I must continue the job. Every time you hit Sans he will.

Underverse 0.4 is by Jael and owned by JaelDiscord : Discord Server https://discord.gg/dXfVEq The Necromonger Empire is a religious empire and its members whom constitute one of the four elder races, zealously and violently follow and propagate its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life is antagonistic to the natural state of the universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them. 1 Beliefs 1.1 Conversion 2 Military 2.1 Armament & Equipment 2.2. Zhylaw, also known as the Lord Marshal, is the main antagonist of the 2004 sci-fi action-adventure movie, The Chronicles of Riddick. He was the sixth Lord Marshal who was the commanding leader of the Necromongers until he was killed by Riddick. He was portrayed by actor Colm Feore. Prior to the events of the story, Zhylaw was known be a warrior that became part of the Necromongers uprising.

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《第五人格》(英文名 : Identity V,簡稱第五)是一款由网易發行的多人 非对称竞技类游戏。2018年4月2日开始公测 并于2018年4月12日上线中國大陸全平台,2018年7月5日上线全球App store及Google play。 目前共提供七种语言。手机和电脑均可游玩此游戏。游戏採用哥德式画风 Friday Night Funkin': X-Event | XTale Wiki | Fandom xtaleunderverse.fandom.com. Completed on April 29, 2021, the mod was developed by NyxTheShield Chara and XGaster, alongside Ink!Sans, battling against Boyfriend with XTALE/ Underverse songs created by Nyx. Mod's homepage · Funkipedia Mods Wiki's article. 'underverse!', 'underverse!sans' 등 이름이 다양했으나, 현재는 'underverse'로 통일되었다. 한국에서는 보통 'universe'가 '유니버스'라고 쓰이는 데 반해 '언더벌스'로 쓰인다. 기본적인 스토리는 x-tale의 사건 이후 크로스가 자신의 세계를 재건하기 위해 x-event로서 다른 au들의 데이터를 가져오려고 하자 잉크.

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underverse (plural underverses) (science fiction) An alternate universe located in some sense underneath the real one. 2014, Eric Thompson, The Slave, The Sword and the Stars (page 237) With this insight they are able to understand this universe and the underverse Welcome to The Harvesters wiki ! Underverse : The Harvesters, also known as The Harvesters, or Multiverse: Timeline V, is an Undertale fan-series created by Quantis1. We're a collaborative community website. That means that anyone, including you, can add their own character (s) and story/ies to The Harvesters' timeline Underverse es una AU de una chica llamada Jael peñaloza el cual tiene una. a muy buena historia y una animacion increíble :D. Cualquier persona que vea la underverse no solo quedara impactada por la muy buena que es la animación sino que también le gustara mucho la histori

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Undertale OC Wiki Welcome to the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale and Deltarune OCs.. There are currently 297 articles and 696 files to the site, you can add more!. If you are new it is REQUIRED for you to read the Rules and Guidelines and the Policy of the Wiki BEFORE contributing to our Wiki. If there is anything you need help with, contact an Admin on this list Glitchtale Wiki is a Glitchtale encyclopedia written collaboratively by its readers, who are known as Wikians. The site is a Wiki, meaning that anyone who has an account, can edit almost any article right now by clicking on the Edit button that appears at the top of the page. Remember, the story cannot be predicted that easily Alphatale Wiki This Wiki was created to introduce you all to the first AU, Alphatale.. There are currently 55 articles and 313 files on the site! Please be sure to thoroughly read the Policy of the Wiki before contributing

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『Undertale』(または『UNDERTALE』、アンダーテールまたはアンダーテイル)は、インディーゲームクリエイターであるトビー・フォックス (Toby Fox) が開発したコンピュータRPG。2015年9月15日にMicrosoft WindowsおよびmacOS向けに発売された。 本記事では日本を含む地域でも発売された移植版についても. Deltarune Wiki. Welcome to the most informative encyclopedia on Deltarune!. We are currently maintaining 101 articles and 243 files, and you can help! Please be sure to thoroughly read the Rules and Guidelines before you begin editing.. This wiki recommends refraining from reading most, if not all, of its articles in order to avoid spoilers unless you've reached the end of Chapter 1 of. The Hyperverse is the fifth and second to last Archverse. If we only count finite Archverses, the Hyperverse would be the last. A Hyperverse is a collection of Xenoverses, randomly scattered around, except if the Xenoverse is unable to assume a random position in space and is dependant upon another Xenoverse or else. In the picture to the right, one can see scarcely and visually pleasing case.

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There is a problem with parsing the infobox 1 Bio 2 Personality 3 Origin 4 Error!Sans 5 The Multiverse 6 Stats & Powers Underhell!Sans was created by Underhell Sans. Underhell!Sans is the Sans of Underhell and is the strongest mortal in the UnderTale Multiverse. Underhell!Sans is an egotistical and somewhat narcissistic Sans. His lonely upbringing has given him a self-centered view of the. King Multiverse is a 6'7 monarch, his height always being as tall as can be through his tall posture. He wears a black jacket, most commonly emanating a purple hue due to the light from his eyes. He wears a brown scarf over his neck, mostly for style. The jacket is zipped at the bottom, and the zip itself is a deep sky blue

The lore of the Underverse is deep and rich. This page consists of the legends, music, oral/written history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, stories, tall tales, and customs included in the traditions of a cultures in the Underverse The #1 Source For The Chronicles of Riddick On The Net The Chronicles of Riddick is a science fiction franchise, spanning from movies, videos games, animation, and motion comics. The series chronicles the anti-heroRichard B. Riddick (portrayed & voiced by Vin Diesel) life in the 28th century. The Chronicles of Riddick was initially created with the release of Pitch Black, and gained popularity.

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